Sam's Photography Tips

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ISO Effect


ISO in basic terms describes how sensitive your camera is to the available light. A lower ISO value makes the camera less sensitive to light, while a higher ISO value make it more sensitive to light.

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Shutter Speed Effect

Shutter Speed

The shutter speed is basically just the amount of time the shutter on the camera is open. In other words, it is the length of time that the image sensor can ‘see’ the scene you are capturing.

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Aperture Effect


Aperture basically involves opening the lens and is measured in ‘f-stops’. Once you press the shutter release button on your camera a hole will open and allow light to hit the image sensor.

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About Me

I was using a camera from the moment we had one in the family. It all started with a camera that uses a film roll, yes a film roll, a few years later we upgraded to a compact digital camera. This changed how I took photos completely as I was able to see the photo immediately after I had taken it, unlike with a film roll which had to be developed.

After this the family decided to buy a DSLR camera, I was really excited about this as it allowed me to change lens and have complete control over how the photo is taken by changing the ISO, shutter speed and aperture for example. I now have my own DSLR and photography kit, which consists of a Canon 650D, two lens 'insert lens here', a fish eye lens add-on, a selection of filters and a tripod.

This site explains three major items in photography and is aimed mainly towards beginners using easy to understand information. All the photos on this site are taken by me, if you would like to use them please use the contact page to request my permission.